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Our Award-Winning Products by Mail

Pasta, Burritos, Spices & Sauces


A multi layered Italian treat. This King of Italian Casseroles is  l layers of the finest ingredients and finished with homemade sauce.


For our Plant-based friends Chef Scotty has created a bevy of the finest epicurean treats.


Baked Pasta

Made with 100% Semolina penne pasta, these delights are sure to please one or the entire family.

Vegan & Plant Based

With care and attention to detail, we have assembled a number of original animal free products.



Hand rolled in fresh pasta sheets, these tender cannelloni are stuffed with the finest tastes of quality the Chef can offer.

Gluten Free

Chef Scotty and his staff have worked with Pasta Mia to create a gluten-free pasta of potato, rice, and yellow pea to produce our amazing line of GF lasagnas.



The same great handmade tortillas, filled with flavor that  the Chef uses at home are now available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner direct to you.


Spices & Sauces

The Chefs own Marinara is free of added Salt or sugar. Along with his S.W. Spice we present two of his signature flavors

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